League of Legends Next two Champions Getting Visual Update

Riot has verified that two more champions in League of Legends will receive a revamp in 2023 through art and sustainability updates.

In recent times, an emerging tendency for LoL champions that have become outdated is to receive small makeovers, similar to the latest modifications made to Aurelion Sol.

For champions that are in good condition in terms of gameplay but appear obsolete, the solution is to modernize their champion models and art through an ASU.

While Caitlyn and Ahri received an ASU recently, they will not be the last, as the development of two more champions is underway.

On February 16, Riot developers Brightmoon and Meddler affirmed in a video that two more champions would receive ASUs following the triumph of Caitlyn and Ahri. These two champions will be updated simultaneously, which distinguishes them from prior ASUs.

According to the developers, Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and Teemo, the Swift Scout, will both receive a facelift soon in 2023.

The developers also discussed several other issues that players have raised, including alterations to ARAM, the intricate lore of Runeterra, upcoming game modes, and a change to champion pricing.

One significant change that will result from these two ASUs is that the champion release schedule will slow down. This is because some staff had to be transferred from the new champion teams to assist with the updates and new game modes.

Consequently, there will likely be fewer new champions in 2024 than what players are accustomed to. Nevertheless, this will enable more updates to be made to older champions that require attention.


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