Dealing with Insane Wave Clear in League of Legends

In the dynamic world of League of Legends, one of the most frustrating situations a mid laner can face is an enemy champion with insane wave clear. Whether it’s a Malzahar, Viktor, or Lux, these champions can instantly clear waves, making it difficult for you to extend your lead and roam effectively. However, there are several strategies you can employ to deal with this situation and still come out on top.

Let them push and call for a gank

One of the most effective ways to deal with a champion that clears waves quickly is to let them push the wave towards your tower. This puts them in a vulnerable position, making them susceptible to ganks from your jungler. Communicate with your jungler and set up a gank to punish the enemy’s overextension.

Play champions that excel in extended trades

Certain champions, such as Irelia, Yasuo, Yone, Qiyana, Ekko, and Sylas, excel at punishing enemies who overextend. These champions have the tools to engage in extended trades and come out on top. If you find yourself frequently facing champions with insane wave clear, consider adding these champions to your pool.

Exploit their mana hunger

Champions with excellent wave clear often rely heavily on their abilities, which can be mana-intensive. Look for windows where they have used too much mana early on and punish them accordingly. This can give you a significant advantage in lane.

Bait out their abilities

A high-level strategy is to bait out the enemy’s wave-clearing abilities by standing outside of the minion wave. This forces them to choose between hitting you with their spells or clearing the wave. If you can successfully dodge their skillshots, you can temporarily gain wave control. While this technique requires practice, it can be highly effective against skillshot-reliant champions like Ziggs and Xerath.

Freeze the wave and zone them out

If you find yourself up against a champion with insane wave clear, consider setting up a freeze near your tower. This forces them to overextend to farm, making them vulnerable to ganks and all-ins. Champions with good sustain and trading potential, like Sylas, can use this opportunity to chunk down the enemy and eventually secure a kill.

Adapt your roaming strategy

When facing a champion that clears waves quickly, you may need to adjust your roaming strategy. Instead of attempting to push out the wave and roam, consider making shorter roams to the enemy jungle for vision control or skirmishes. This allows you to impact the map without sacrificing too much farm or tower plates.

Coordinate with your team

Dealing with insane wave clear is not a solo endeavor. Communicate with your team, particularly your jungler and support, to coordinate ganks, invades, and objective control. By working together, you can minimize the impact of the enemy’s wave clear and secure advantages elsewhere on the map.

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To sum it up, dealing with insane wave clear in League of Legends requires a combination of adaptability, game sense, and teamwork. By employing these strategies and coordinating with your team, you can overcome the challenges posed by these champions and emerge victorious. Remember, wave management and punishing the enemy’s weaknesses are key to success in the mid lane.

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