Exciting news! It appears that Riot is exploring the potential of a new Oni 2.0 skinline, following the success of their other iconic collections such as Reaver 2.0, Ion 2.0 and others.

The original Oni collection, influenced by Japanese design, was released back in July 2020, over two and a half years ago. It included a skin for Phantom but unfortunately missed out on Vandal and Operator, two of the most popular guns in the game. It’s highly likely that the 2.0 version will include these popular weapons.

At the moment, there is no concrete information about the Oni 2.0 bundle’s release date, but ValorLeaks, a reliable source for Valorant news and leaks, has confirmed that Riot is indeed working on the skins.

It’s safe to assume that the Oni 2.0 bundle won’t come cheap, as the original skins featured various variants, kill banners, and animations. With Riot’s aim to keep Valorant fans engaged, it’s likely that the new skins will feature even more aesthetical functions.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other skin leaks as more information becomes available.


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