League of Legends is amazing

There are many popular games at the moment, Minecraft, Player Unknown’s Battleground, and then there is League of Legends. League of Legends was released on 2009 and the game was actually very different in that time, leagues and division didn’t exist and it was more like Overwatch where the elo is defined by numbers. The divisions came, constant changes, new champions, new items, new metas and so on.

League have been growing since its released, improving in every single aspect. Before there was a lore, pretty simple. Summoners were able to summon champions into the battle on an arena. Not too much to look at. Now, we have Universe After some years the game was slowly changing. When the reworks started to came we knew League is in a good way. No more pizza feet characters with 2007 animations. Garen was one of the first of getting that visual rework, Nasus, Sivir, and, well, every old champion.

With years Riot Games have provided new features, new game modes, new champions, new lux skins. Jungle changes is the most popular thing on League, the jungle used to be very different before, the scuttle didn’t exist, the monsters were different, the gromp didn’t exist either. There was a green buff. Once, even, the jungle had spirits, lets call it that way. If you used smite on, for example, wolves, your jungle would get a mobile ward that protects the jungle, if an enemy walked into your jungle it moved that way, basically perfect to avoid counter-jungling or invaded.

The ranked system have been evolved too, at the beginning there were nothing, then Bronze to Challenger. Then Bronze to Challenger but they added Master. The last change was removing the 5’s from the Leagues (Bronze 5 to bronze 1) and adding 2 new leagues, Iron and Grandmaster, but reducing the amount of divisions to 4. At the beginning this carried some issues for diamond and higher players because the LP gain was messed up, low diamond players on challenger and challengers being on bronze for no reason. The issue was that big that they needed to do a small reset for the LP gain, the MMR and so on. At the moment it is a bit better, not perfect, but better than before.

Before only a few champions could be played because all the strong champions were way too much stronger than the others, the meta was simple and unchangeable. For our luck Riot changed that and many champions can be played for different gameplays, buffing tanks, assassins, pathings, mages, and, basically, everyone who deserved a buff. Or even reworking their kit without reworking the whole champions to make them playable at least, like Sejuani, Ashe, Diana and others.

We always complain about LoL system, and I don’t blame you, however, they are doing their best to have the game in the best condition possible, I can tell this is a great game, with some issues that can (or not) be fixed with time and effort, effort they are putting in.

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