Elo boost forces your improvement!

People usually claims against elo boosting, saying i”t is illegal”, “it is immoral”, “you don’t improve”, actually, elo boosting can help to your improvement.

What is elo boosting and how can it help me?

In short words, elo boosting is literally, boosting your ranking, many games uses elo rating system, and League of Legends is one of them. There are 9 leagues in LoL, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger. Depending on what league you are, your elo will be specific for that league, for example: if you are gold always playing with golds, then you have gold elo; but you wish you have platinum elo but for bad teammates you can’t achieve it, so here is where elo boosting helps you, getting your desired rank for you or with you.

What can elo boosting offer me?

There are 2 main options, Solo and Duo. Solo Boost is literally the booster playing in your account, meanwhile Duo Boost is the booster playing with you, helping you to improve. Because, yes, the improvement can also be during the way and not after, you’ll be playing with a high elo player that will help you to win, and then you’ll see the decisions he makes and how he can use them, so you can use them the same way, or similar. Also, the builds, the builds are usually the main problem for low elo players; they always build the same and that’s a mistake, there are situations that needs variations. Like building Blade of Ruined King in a match up, or building Visage on another, are stuffs boosters know how to do. Also, many boosters are one trick champions, or they love one champion in specific, if the booster plays a champion you like, you can, for sure, ask for advices, and as mentioned previously, watching someone good doing good stuffs will give you ideas of how to use the champion.

As a very important note, elo boost can also help you to improve, because right after you hit platinum, then, you will be playing against better players and you’ll see plays you are not used to see, that is translated as: you will need to adapt to situations to stay there, if you can’t or you struggle for a bit, the boosters will be always there to try to help you.

Is always recommended finding websites with years of experience that will provide you this service without any issue, give it a try and see how you will improve and climb in no time!

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