How a good elo boosting service is defined?

Playing League of Legends is one of the most popular hobbies currently. Playing video games overall, but League has one of the biggest monthly player amount of video games world, with more than 100 millions players, just per month. If you think that’s amazing, is because it is, LoL has more than 10 years active and their popularity is only growing and growing every single week every single month, it is not a surprise, since their art team is very good, balance team, well, it is a matter of perspective, for some of us, they are doing their job okay, but we hate some META’s.

With this set, a big part of those 100 million players are, most likely, trolls, they will directly int (intentional feeding) or they will just refuse to help, because “NoOoOo they to0k my BlUe” when they are 0/14/2 and are a champion that does not use mana. So, here is where elo boosting comes, since a lot of them will be trolls, they are also “carreable”, not every of them, but most of them, for that we just need good players, and League of Legends elo boosting services enters here, but the title’s question is what defines it as good? Well, pretty simple:

  • Boosters quality
  • Affordability
  • Guarantees (money insurance, time, win rates, etc.)
  • Capability to keep your account safe (professional boosters)

Boosters quality:

Every site will need high quality boosters, but what is considered as quality? Players that can carry in every elo below them, and there are only 3 ranks that can do that, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger. Challenger is an exception because top 100, top 50, top 10, and, of course, top 1, can carry even in challenger. With this in mind we need to know that websites that only hire master players or higher have a quality filter, one that is enough to know that their boosters will be able to carry.


The prices are important, too cheap means the service do not respect itself and their players or directly they are not good on it and that’s why they charge that amount. A reasonable price makes a difference, not too cheap, not too expensive, they respect themselves with the prices they set, they have incomes and you save a lot of money, other websites can charge much more expensive or directly can scam, which lead us to the next point.


Every website should offer enough guarantees to let you know your money is safe with them. Money insurance, customer support to answer your questions and fix any issue that can comes up; guaranteeing high win rates from the boosters and compensate if it is needed.


The boosters can use VPN to set the location in your country, so Riot will never know someone from other country (assuming the booster is from another country) boosted you, also, offline mode is a thing, all your friends will think you are offline, and the reality is, you are! But climbing at the same time.

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