How can I get that Mastery level 7 (M7)?

The title is simple, so the answer is, the only thing you need to do is get an S or S+ to get the M7 Token, which is in fact simple if, and only if, you have a good game, it can be done in normal games or ranked, it doesn’t matter actually, you just need to get S or S+ and that’s it, twice, so you get the 2 M7 tokens you need, but for some reason, you can’t manage to get it, because you have lag, you have bad teammates, you have issues for any reason, and in every game you get an A, a B, a B+, an S-, but not an S, and that makes you feel terrible, because it is so close but so far, but actually, there is a solution for that too, it is known as elo boosting services.

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You may be wondering if you just want to get the token, why should you purchase a boosting service? Simple, because there are also normal games option, for account leveling, chat restriction, or exclusive for token, that is also a possibility. But meanwhile you are taking a look to normal games there are also Wins options, so the boosters will need to play as it is their Master promos, because a loss means they will need to compensate it and then play again, and again, something the booster values is time, so they will try to have 80 kills and finish the game at minute 15 if possible.

Tokens can also be obtained on ranked, so if you want to get a specific rank, like, for example, gold, and you are a silver, you can choose the champions and roles you wish the booster to play, so they will need to stick to them. Of course, boosters will only take orders they can do, it means they will only will take orders with champions they can play, and as they can play them, and they are professionals, knows how to carry games, how to get feed, how to get tokens, they will easily get the amount of tokens needed and, if you also purchase a Division Boosting, you will be climbing while you get the token you wish. It is double prize for the price of one, don’t be afraid and give it a try! You will learn a lot from watching others!

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