How to earn money while playing League of Legends

Did your parents ever told you “it was just a video game, go outside and find a real job”, but you know that the time you have invested in becoming good on the game will work for something, not only for smurfing and getting fun, it may be useful for something else, you know it, but your parents don’t trust on it, so it’s time to make them change their mind. First, you’ll need to look how good you are, are you challenger or master? Then you are one of the best players in your server, with that set, your journey begins, what do you find? Elo boosting.

What is elo boosting?

In short words, the League of Legends ranking system uses Elo rating system to know how is your MMR (matchmaking rating), and with that as base, the system will know who match you with, but sometimes someone is stuck because that matchmaking. Here is where the simple job as boosting begins, a high elo player can surpass the bad matchmaking and being good enough to carry most games. And this is a business, of course, so it means it has its pay, and any booster who complete any order without issues, will be paid. There are 2 main options for boosting, Solo Boost, which means the booster will be playing on the account, and Duo Boost, which means the booster will be playing with customer.

How much is the pay?

It actually depends on the boosting price and how much any booster plays, if a booster plays every day will do a lot of money for sure, however, if a booster only plays once a week or once every two weeks, then he will have money still, but not as much as if he plays more often. So if you are a high elo player who can actually play very often, then your parents will be asking money from you instead of you from them.

Are there dedicated business to boosting?

Yes! There are prestige websites with years of experience and tools to offer to boosters and customers, such as offline mode and special features for customers like streaming or specific champs. Are you a booster and don’t want to play the select champions? Don’t worry about that, there are many orders you can take with champions you know how to play or you can directly play with customers.

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