Boosting as a profession

Boosting is the process of improving your ranked division in LoL by giving access of your account to a professional player who spends all his time playing at a high level and boosting League of Legends accounts.

Customers come to us to buy boost because they

  • Searching for an improvement to get better at the game
  • They want to climb ranks
  • Looking to duo with somebody good

Usually boosters are just students that don’t have time (or don’t want) to have a middle or full time job, boosting is a good window for them, they can earn money just playing the game they like, enjoying and paying bills at the same time, and how much to they make depends, of course, on how much do they play.

In this article, we will be talking about lol boosting in general, why it is good- the benefits and cons of getting your rank boosted, backgrounds of the boosters, and some good champions and strategies for boosting.

Why Boosting is Good

Here, I will be showing you the pros and cons about boosting and why having a player playing in your account is one of the best decisions you can make, nothing to be ashamed of.

I will be going through these points

  • Time Efficiency
  • Improvement

The number of potential good boosters or good boosters is limited; to get some accurate numbers, we can check out the competitive ladder.


There are 300 players in Challenger in the biggest servers (NA and EUW) and 800 players in Grandmaster th
at makes 1000 quality players per server, and 90% of these are playing professionally or are contracted with amateur teams.

That leaves us with 100 possible boosters per region, divided among boosting sites- well, thing is, that some boosting companies doesn’t have a strong quality check, allowing diamond players to boost when only Master or higher players should be working on it, since they have much more experience and skill.

Pros of boosting

  • Earn money doing something they enjoy
  • Choose their schedule
  • Don’t have to overwork themselves for XX hours to earn good money
  • Meeting new people (other boosters, staff members, customers)
  • Building a relationship with customers

Cons of boosting

  • Requires strong willpower, since the booster takes flame from players and some customers all-day almost every day
  • No “minimum wage”, there are days with orders and there are days without orders

This means every booster that plays in an account needs to be a professional, someone a customer can count and trust with.

How can I get boosting?

There are many ways to get a boosting service, but the best, most affordable and of course the safest way to get it is through a prestige and nameable website, with years of experience and professional boosters, the accounts will always get the desired rank without a problem. If you are still afraid, you don’t need to worry, there’s also the chance of playing with a booster instead of a booster playing for you, that’s known as duo boost, the boosters will always try to help you to improve and carry almost every game, if you are stucked with bad teammates, give it a try.

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