Overwatch Support Players Report Rank Progression Bugs in Season 9

Overwatch support players have recently taken to online forums to express their concerns about potential rank progression bugs in the game’s competitive mode. Since the launch of Season 9, many support players have reported experiencing abnormally low rank increases after winning matches, while losses continue to result in significant rank drops.

One player, who has been playing with a friend, shared their experience on a popular online forum. They noted that when either of them plays support, they only receive a 1% to 8% rank increase for a win, while a loss still results in a 15% to 20% decrease. This is a stark contrast to the normal rank progression they had experienced in previous seasons, where wins and losses resulted in more balanced rank adjustments.

The player expressed their frustration, stating, “I just won a game with a 1% increase. That means I would have to win 100 games in a row to rank up… what is going on?” This sentiment is shared by many other support players who feel that the current rank progression system is unfair and potentially bugged.

Some players have speculated that the issue may be related to the game’s performance-based skill rating system, which takes into account various factors such as healing, damage dealt, and objectives completed. However, without official confirmation from Blizzard, the exact cause of the problem remains unclear.

The rank progression issue has led to a growing sense of frustration among support players, who feel that their efforts are not being properly rewarded. Many have expressed concerns that the current system discourages players from choosing support roles, as the potential rank gains do not justify the risk of significant rank losses.

In response to these concerns, some players have offered potential explanations for the observed rank progression discrepancies. One theory suggests that leaving a game early may result in the rank progress screen not displaying the lost rank points. Subsequently, when winning the next game, the rank increase is reduced by the amount lost in the previous match. However, this explanation does not account for the consistently low rank increases reported by support players.

Another factor that has been considered is the difficulty of the matches in question. Some players have questioned whether the low rank increases are a result of winning “easy” games. However, the original poster clarified that the matches they played were close and competitive, suggesting that the difficulty of the games is not the primary issue.

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As the discussion continues, support players are calling on Blizzard to investigate the reported rank progression bugs and provide a solution. Many fear that if left unaddressed, the issue could have long-term consequences for the game’s competitive scene, as fewer players may be willing to take on support roles.

In short, the Overwatch community is eagerly awaiting an official response from Blizzard regarding the reported rank progression bugs affecting support players. Until a solution is found, support players are left to grapple with the frustration of seeing their hard-earned wins result in minimal rank gains, while losses continue to have a significant impact on their competitive standing. As Season 9 progresses, it remains to be seen how Blizzard will address this issue and ensure a fair and balanced competitive experience for all players, regardless of their chosen role.

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