Does the loser queue exist in 2024?

The information in the article has been updated for 2024.

Short answer: Yes, it does exist. And it remains in it’s rightful place even in 2024.

In case you don’t know what are we talking about, some people say that it doesn’t exist, but other says, it exists, actually, there are even websites similar to OP.GG that determinate if you are on loser queue or not, one of those websites is, but, what does this means?

So, what exactly is the “loser queue”? Well, at its most basic level, the idea is that after suffering a defeat or perhaps a string of them, the game’s matchmaking system begins to pair you with teammates who, shall we say, are on a less-than-favorable winning streak. The evidence is anecdotal, but players often find themselves seemingly stuck with teammates who appear more interested in hurling insults than taking down enemies after suffering a loss.

Is there a way to avoid the loser queue? Yes, not losing. This sounds specially easy but it’s not always easy, in some normal queue you can also have a Yasuo_Slayer923 in your team or his brother, Yone_Uchiha, players who always are the best but always lose for their team, never, literally never for them. According to them, of course.

So, you might ask, what’s the strategy if you find yourself sucked into the vortex of the loser queue? One approach is to take a break. Stepping away from the game for a few days might just reset your matchmaking status and give you a fresh start when you return. But, let’s say you’ve done that and still can’t escape the downward spiral. Here’s where a more radical solution comes into play: elo boost.

There are several online platforms offering boosting services, where highly skilled players jump into your account and win games on your behalf. This is usually a paid service, but if you find yourself stuck in the dreaded loser queue, it might be a worthwhile investment. Not only will these professionals handle the new in-game items effectively, they’re also up to speed on the latest character additions to the game. Remember, a boost can potentially elevate your ranking and help you evade the clutches of the loser queue. But, as with everything in life, proceed with caution and make sure you’re using a reliable service. Happy gaming and take breaks when you get losses!

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