A Look at Sage’s in Radiant and Immortal

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

VALORANT players acknowledge that professional play, including VCT matches, do not accurately depict the typical ladder experience. Even in ranked games, different tiers may have varying agent metas. Agents tend to have varying performance stats between higher and lower tiers, and this is especially evident for one particular agent, who is among the top 2 or 3 most selected in all tiers except for Radiant and Immortal, the highest ranks in the game.

Blitz.gg data shows that Sage is the most chosen agent in the Iron and Bronze tiers, the second most selected in Silver and Gold, and the third most picked in higher tiers. However, in Radiant and Immortal, she is not among the top-picked agents and only has average pick rates of 4.7 percent in Radiant. In all three Immortal tiers, she is in the middle of the pack, with decreasing pick rates as the rank goes higher (from 6.4 percent in Immortal Three to 5.4 percent in Immortal One).

Sage’s popularity in lower and medium tiers is not just limited to her high pick rate, but also because of her decent win rate in these tiers. Her stats generally reflect this trend: the lower the tier, the higher the win rate. Her playstyle, which emphasizes her healing and support abilities over raw aim, is the reason for her popularity. Her ultimate, resurrect, is a game-changer, and her healing abilities allow allies to overcome mistakes. However, in higher tiers, where enemies are more coordinated, her utility is less effective and she becomes a more situational pick.

Sage’s style of play is centered around her healing abilities and potential, rather than her accuracy. Her kit provides a significant advantage to allies, making them more likely to win a round.

However, in higher tiers, Sage may become a challenge to play effectively, as opponents are typically more organized and can neutralize her utility more efficiently. Her crowd control abilities, like her wall and slowing orb, are also more specialized, making her a specialized choice rather than the preferred one.

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